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Finding time to pursue your passions isn't an option for everyone these days, and that's why Martial Arts Online University offers online martial arts training with certified Master instructors. Our martial arts training modules allow you to receive national and international certification from the comfort of your own home.

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Congratulations on your testing

Ken Baratko - 1st Gup
Johnny Isbell - 3rd Gup
Norman Mathers - 9th Gup
Doug Jueckstock - 7th Gup
Kurt Jueckstock - 7th Gup
Keira Ondus - 7th Gup
Kaeden Ondus - 8th Gup
Blake Davis - 8th Gup

Welcome New Students

Zara Ghazoul morocco
David spencer USA
Brandon Hawks USA
Johnathan Talley USA
Dennis Melton USA
Joe Zurawski USA
Michael Taylor USA
Paul Bowlds USA
Thomas Culbreth USA
Joshua James Australia
Walter Shiflet USA
Garet Shuler USA
Frank McLeod USA
Antonio Renteria, NM, USA
Christian Bindah, MD, USA
Scott Rice, FL, USA
Lee Woodcock, ON, Canada
Tone Marie Tveten, Stabekk, Norway
Trisha Lennox, MI, USA
Norman Mathers, NC, USA
Michelle Henry, CO, USA
Jessica Milner, MI, USA

WELCOME: World Martial Arts College

We would like to welcome World Martial Arts College as a Partner in the Advancement of Martial Arts, Under the Guidence of Grand Master DR. Ibraham Ahmed President/CEO
we welcome all his students to the Univerdity.

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