With the completion of the written test, upload yourself performing the requirements via a virtual setting to either:

  • pre-test review board (or)
  • final presentation (exam) with the certification board.

The pre-test review board will give you feedback for your final presentation (exam) to assure your completion, passing, and martial arts certification. It is the pre-boards goal to make sure you have the tools and skill set needed to complete your curriculum. If you choose to skip the pre-test process and go direct to the final presentation.

At the completion of your final exam a pass or fail will be administered. You will receive confirmation of (pass or fail) via email. If you pass confirmation of you passing will be sent to the board of regents for certification. For passing students, a diploma will be issued from the university and sent via certified mail.

You can review as many curriculums as you choose, but you can only certify one rank (gup) at a time. Your passing certification must be approved by the board prior to a new certification upload. It is recommended that you practice and continue to practice between certifications.

International certification tests are available for each tae kwon do GUP (9th – Black Belt) An optional pre-test prepared by our masters to help you pass your final testing.