Chief Master Ray DeVito is a certified 7th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Chung Do Kwon with over 39 years of martial arts experience. His formal martial arts experience cover two styles of Okinawan Karate, Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do.

Dr. DeVito started to train in Okinawan Karate as a student at Rutgers. He continued training in a second Okinawan style while in graduate school at Michigan State University. Due to his diverse professional career he has relocated his home several times. When he moved to Bloomington, Indiana he began his study of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do, as the largest and most widely spread organized martial art, gave the opportunity to concentrate in one style as his location changed. With a strong interest in bringing the benefits of martial arts to others he has founded and operated Tae Kwon Do, Chung Do Kwon schools in Illinois, Florida and Utah.

He was born and raised in New Jersey but has relocated multiple times having lived in Michigan, Indian, Germany, Illinois, Florida, Utah and has recently returned to Michigan. He has a bachelor degree in physics from Rutgers University and a doctoral degree in physics from Michigan State University with a focus on experimental nuclear physics. He has various life experiences from martial arts to scientist, inventor, teacher, business leader, registered patent agent and is now an intellectual property officer for Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. Married with three children, he has two sons and one daughter. The two sons, one an Army medic and one a Marine, are both 4th degree Tae Kwon Do black belts.

People decide to learn marital arts for many reasons. While running martial arts schools Dr. DeVito has seen many people come in that are very interested in learning but are unable to participate for a variety of reasons. He is excited about the opportunity that Martial Arts University has to offer, to give them a chance to benefit from martial arts training while eliminating the constrains of time schedule and physical location. The Martial Arts University on-line system can create an opportunity for students everywhere to gain from the value that the martial arts provide.