As a professional martial arts Instructor, Chis has 10 years of martial arts experience. Chris holds black belts in Korean and Okinawan martial arts.

A professional trainer for 10 years, Chris has taught a wide variety of students. He looks to instill the benefits of the martial arts and show his students the value of inner peace, stress management, humility, and self confidence.

Chris believes that you have to train to be not just physically tough, but more importantly, mentally tough. The skills you learn at the Martial Arts University will transcend to your everyday life in many of the activities and task you do.

Chris was introduced to the concepts of self defense through an uncle who was a police officer. As a child growing up in a rough area, bullies presented a problem for Chris. His uncle showed him the self defense techniques that allowed him to stand up to the bullies and stop the harassment.

Bullying is a problem faced by most children to day in our school system. It’s estimated that up to 80% of children face a bully in school. At the Martial Arts University, Chris is committed to showing his students how to develop self confidence and not be a victim of a bully.

Teaching at the Martial Arts University is an honor that Chris accepted. To be able to help people and show them the benefits of martial arts, anywhere and  at any time, was an amazing change to how traditional martial arts is taught. One of his students asked Chris how he thought someone could learn martial arts over the internet. Chris responded with a simple question, “How do you learn a new Kata?” The student replied, “Well I watch the video and then you help me refine the techniques.”  Chris smiled and responded, “That is just how the Martial Arts University is going to work.”

Chris has been married for 12 years and has a son and daughter who love the martial arts.

Chris is looking forward to teaching you all of the benefits of martial arts and to make you a black belt.