“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” ~Tom Peters

As a Board Member and Vice President of MAU, Peter brings a fresh perspective and unique skill set to lead the growth of the company. Peter has grown a national publication into a class room and online education company that teaches C-Level Executives internationally. His team-focused management style has fostered this growth through leading rather than hands on management. As a Senior Executive, he has consulted thousands of managers on their business challenges and set clear goals that were easily achieved with his guidance.

Peter’s view of business does not only include understanding business, but takes a more holistic view of the company as a living entity that adapts and changes. Peter has always been very interested in living things. As a dog lover, he had wanted to be a veterinarian in order to help animals, but the idea of having to put down a pet deterred his interest. He feels that this same conviction has caused him to care for businesses and is part of what led him to success based consulting.

Growing up as the second son of a Psychologist, Peter found himself intrigued by psychology. His father, Richard L. Sanok, PhD, never used psychology on his family, but the successes of it were apparent to Peter. Even though, his father’s areas of practice were diverse, the work he did with the State Police was always intriguing to Peter. It seemed as though police were like a business, yet they used psychology. Unlike his older brother, Joe, Peter did not follow his father into counseling psychology. Instead, Peter decided to focus on business and psychology. Peter has been heard saying that he helps “the people who need psychology the most, but that want it the least” when referring to his work as an Executive Behavior Specialist.

Peter’s education includes degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Management from Western Michigan University and The Haworth College of Business. While his professors and peers found these two disciplines to be unrelated, Peter has a strong personal conviction that understanding behavior and psychology is the missing link to solving many challenges in business. He brings this business-view to MAU to promote a winning environment that is empathetic of the needs and hesitations of MAU’s students.