Brenda J. Sell has spent a lifetime in the pursuit and promotion of Taekwondo. She began her training at age 14 in Michigan, USA.  There she realized her love for the sport. Within two years, she was awarded her 1st Dan. Since then, Brenda J. Sell has been a professional teacher of Taekwondo, an accomplished tournament competitor, an international referee, a Taekwondo performer, an ordained minister, and President of the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association.   Brenda J. Sell has been teaching Taekwondo for more than 30 years. She taught initially, as in instructor at Grandmaster Edward B. Sell’s school in Michigan, to providing training in Taekwondo seminars and conferences in schools and cities throughout the United States. She continues to teach at her own local school each week.

Even though Brenda J. Sell retired from competition in the late 1970s, she set the groundwork for women in Taekwondo competition. She competed and placed in many tournaments, many of them against both males and females. In 1983, Brenda J. Sell was honored for her accomplishments, and was asked by the Secretary General of the WTF to come to Korea for a demonstration of women’s competition at the Pre-World Championships. Her greatest accomplishment was passing the WTF International Referee Exam.

She was the first woman to pass the WTF International Referee Exam in 1977. Even though she successfully passed the exam, there was not a female division for competition. Female competition was a demonstration event only, and female referees were not accepted as official referees. It took ten years before women would be accepted and Brenda J. Sell would be recognized in her position as an international referee. In 1988, Brenda J. Sell, along with two other female referees became the first women to referee an international event.

In 1981, Brenda J. Sell and her husband, Grandmaster Edward B. Sell created the Evangelistic Taekwondo Exhibitions. This non-profit organization is the framework for “The Sell Team.” This Taekwondo demonstration team uses their talents to present the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. They have performed in military bases, schools, churches, West Point Academy and Air Force Academy.

Grandmaster Edward B. Sell formed the Korea Taekwondo Association of America, renamed to the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association, Inc. in 1967. Since their marriage, Brenda J. Sell has worked along side her husband, supporting and promoting their association and Taekwondo. She oversees the daily operations of the organization, and in 2004, was appointed to President of the U. S. Chung Do Kwan Association. She restructured the organization and implemented a committee system that drew in many members of the organization. This restructuring has had a positive effect on the growth of the organization, and has brought in talents of many of the school owners and other members.

1970 January 6, began Taekwondo
1970-1975 Tournament Competitor
1972, awarded black belt
1977, first female awarded International Referee Certification by WTF
1978, awarded the 4th degree and master rank
1981, Co founder of Evangelistic Taekwondo Exhibitions
1983, invited to Korea by WTF officials for debut of international female competition at the 1st Pre-World Games, Seoul, Korea given in her honor.
1987, appointed as International Referee for First Women’s World and 8th World Taekwondo   Championships in Barcelona, Spain.
1988, awarded Black Belt of the Decade.
1989, receives Letter of Citation from WTF for her contribution to Taekwondo.
1990, receives promotion to 2nd Class International Referee, WTF.
1995, becomes first female promoted to 7th Dan by Grandmaster Park, World Chung Do Kwan Association.
1996, completes, with her family, the first computerized CD Rom training system of all WTF Taguek Poomse.
1996, ordained as a minister.
1997, receives 7th Dan Kukkiwon credentials from World Taekwondo Federation.
2001, Received Letter of Commendation from Kukkiwon
2003, is promoted to 8th Dan by Grandmaster Park, World Chung Do Kwan Association.
2003, promoted to President of U. S. Chung Do Kwan Association.
2005, Tested and certified by the Kukkiwon to 8th Degree Black Belt
2006, Presidential Tours established throughout the United States and British Columbia
2006, Developed the USCDKA Sanctioned Tournament System and National Point Standings.
2007, Created the 1 on 1 Poomse Training DVD’s for USCDKA and Century Martial Arts.
2007, Developed the 1st USCDKA Tournament Nationals