As an 8th degree certified Grand Master Richard wanted to create an opportunity for students everywhere to learn the values that the martial arts brings to students. With over 50 years experience he has made a difference in the lives of many students throughout the country by teaching them  discipline, focus, and self confidence.

Richard believes that the benefits of the martial arts are too important to be set aside because our everyday schedules are so busy. He realizes how difficult it is to find the time to commit to a rigid schedule that forces you to come to a physical location three times a week.

Richard wants to share his 46 years of experience with a wide range of people from: a busy mother with several children in multiple sports who doesn’t have the time to go to a martial arts center 3 days a week; to the business person who is always traveling or on the go; or people who have always want to learn about the martial arts but simply don’t feel comfortable going to a martial arts center.

People often decide to learn marital arts for many reasons. Some want the physical and mental benefits the martial arts provide and some have circumstances that create a need for martial arts. In 1965 Chief Master McDowell’s mother was walking home from her job as a nurse, when she was chased home by a would be attacker, she convinced her husband Richard McDowell Sr. to sign her up for a self defense class at a local Korean Karate school offering Jujitsu and Korean Karate where she trained and became a highly regarded jujitsu instructor one of the first women Black belts in Jujitsu.

Richard Sr. liked what he saw and joined the Korean Karate class at the same location under the instruction of Grand Master Hwa Chung. Richard Sr. brought his then 5 years old son along. He attended every class with his father, watching and mimicking what he saw. When he was 6 years old Grand Master Hwa Chung pulled him into class, and his career in martial arts began. At age 9 he won his first of many National Championships in 1968 in Chicago, Illinois.

Our Senior Master Richard McDowell went on to win many more National Championships. He was featured in local and national publications. Besides his marriage and birth of his children and grand children one of Richards greatest accomplishments was his induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1996.

Master McDowell has had many accomplishments in his time from martial arts to business, to being a published author.

Richard is proud to bring you a unique learning opportunity with the Martial Arts University, and is looking forward to you becoming a black belt!